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Photorealistic 3D Rendering for both Interior & Exterior Design

Cadonia makes the best use of the latest in digital technology to satisfy every client’s needs. We provide state of the art 3D rendering in both interior and exterior design. With 3D rendering our clients are familiarized with what the actual design will look like without the hassle of starting a build blindfolded. In exterior design, we are able to provide an almost real life samples of what the design will look like, and this includes the changes of image that are influenced by changing of lighting affected by weather conditions. This means that you will be able to see your project what will look like in overcast conditions or pure indulging sunshine.

3d exterior rendering

Covering the following 3D Design Areas:

3D Rendering

3D Modelling

Interior Design

Exterior Design

Walkthrough Models

VR Virtual Reality

Reverse Engeneering

Photorealistic 3D Rendering

3D Walkthrough Models

When it comes to interior designs and rendering services, we offer a unique walkthrough feature for you to be able to experience first-hand what the design will look like down to even the smallest detail. With this service our clients can experience the functionality of any residential or commercial site and change the design as they walk through their property in 3D from the comfort of their office chair. 3D rendering and our special walkthrough feature enables our clients to visualize even the smallest detail like rays of sunlight coming from the windows and how they hit any chosen material that will be used inside the property. With our 3D rendering service you can make your sketches, design, concept or CAD files come to life.

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3D Modelling for Interior Design

Recently we’ve started selling 3D Models on Take a look at our latest 3D Model of King-size Bed below.

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