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Searching for reliable and devoted Drafting Designers to construct, plan and outline your telecommunication project?

Cadonia is a team of proficient and experienced Drafters and Designers, who can manage your design requirements, establish accurate building plans according to all council guidelines and technology needs.
We have the building ability to implement progressive telecommunication infrastructures to constitute different types of residential and commercial units of all sizes and styles at competitive prices as a true commitment to your goals.
We bring our enormous experience and knowledge to all parties in the designing process to deliver attractive and functional objects suited to meet all human needs. Working solely on customer behaviour we are inspired to combine the basic elements of success into accuracy, affordability and cost justification.
Our engaging team have capacity to obtain all your designing needs, starting from brief analysis that helps you evaluate and visualize complete site audits until your vision becomes a reality.


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Do you need a hand with your Telco Drafting?

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Producing Preliminary, DSL, FC & As Built Drafting Documentation

In general, Preliminary Documentation as a clear path allows us to specify a set of activities that need to be undertaken in order to test the functionality, sustainability and aesthetics of the project. The preliminary drawings can describe facilities very accurately as they can be used to convey the true perspective of the objects while they are still in the modelling stage. So, before committing to the time and costs along with feasibility studies, Cadonia creates realistic visual representation with exact dimensions to bring our client vision to realization.
Because every step in the design process counts and has a distinctive purpose on the final object, at an early stage we can detect the major aspects that shall be modified to meet complex criteria, eliminating your concerns about the final outcome.


Greenfield, Rooftop & Collocate Sites

We commit to provide world class design services with plenty of diversified activities at different phases of construction or establishing new sites from scratch with enormous attention to detail, quality, materials and innovation. Driven by our customer’s success we are constantly developing techniques that will make your Greenfield site as effective and productive as you need it to be. We specify high-performing and cost effective business decisions to leverage your input in already existing Collocate Site to achieve the highest efficiency and outperform the existing competition.
Cadonia as your business partner enables you to maintain Collocate Site projects evaluating the best possible implementation techniques, to embed agility in both practical and a high-performing manner.We support you in achieving sustainable results by implementing the infrastructure that brings your business to success in a consistent, unified and future-proof way. Whenever you want a new facility, you can be supported globally and locally by selecting the best professionals for the project, we can overcome every accompanying issue while orchestrating the highest design standards.


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